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Proposal for a Rural Hospital




SAMPARC – Social Action For Manpower Creation a registered Society and Trust of Pune – Maharashtra, India is going to start a rural hospital to extend medical services to 70,000 population of Maval taluka in the district of Pune.




To extend medical facilities to the rural people who are deprived of proper medical facilities and treatment and to promote social awareness on preventive healthcare, population control and timely help trauma cases.


Present Situation


About 15-20 people die every year in the Taluka due to unavailability of medical treatment. More than 50 % population are unable to go to good hospitals because of the high medical expenses. Mostly they have to tackle their health problems with the help of local quack doctors. In the last two years, 8 to10 persons are died who were staying close to SAMPARC center because they did not get in timely medical assistance. SAMPARC has conducted a survey of nearby 15 villages, where 340 ladies revealed that they have taken loan from various sources upto Rs. 10,000/- for medical treatment of their family members. Entire treatment was given either in Lonavla or Pune.


A Site For Hospital


SAMPARC was looking for a location for a hospital for the last 2-3 years. A person named Mr. Chitale has agreed to sell his piece of land (3 acres) which is the central place of this area and is close to Malavli railway station.


Purchase of the Site


With the help of one gentleman from Mumbai the land was purchased for the hospital and on 19th February 2005 the official ceremony to start the construction was performed.











Hospital Objectives


Services to be provided to villagers:-


a)      40 beds for male and female patients

b)      Operation Theatre to perform basic surgery.

c)      Labour Room.

d)      Intensive Care Unit for serious patients.

e)      Pathology Laboratory.

f)        Radiology Unit, which includes X-Ray room, Sonography room etc.

g)      O.P.D. Section for extending services by specialists.

h)      Ambulance for transportation of the patients.

i)        To run the hospital staffs required are 3 doctors, 8 nurses, 5 ward boys, 3 sweepers, 1 generator-cum-technical- operator, 3 medical technicians, 5 security persons and 3 administrative staff members who will work under the Medical Director.


Special Activities Under the Hospital Programme.


1)      Maintaining equipment for high degree of sanitation, hygiene and sterilization of premises and equipment.

2)      Providing essential life saving medical equipment.

3)      Essential and important equipment for Pathology & Radiology wing & electronic monitoring system to check patient conditions.

4)      Maintaining a medical store to provide essential life saving drugs to the patients.

5)      Maintaining a power Generator room.

6)      Equipping & maintaining proper Operation Theatre to perform essential surgery.


Collaboration with the other hospitals within 50 kms.


Lokmanya Medical Foundation run by Dr. Narendra .V. Vaidya officially agreed to join with SAMPARC hospital in the following areas –

a)      Supporting medical administration.

b)      To provide specialized physicians and surgeons.

c)      To attend any emergency medical services of the hospital.

d)      To tackle high level diagnoses investigation and serious patients.

e)      To co-ordinate with trauma cases.


Proposed Construction


In the first phase 12,000 sq.ft area will be constructed for the hospital. Budget permits, the construction will be carried in the next phase of another 12,000 sq.ft area. The initial phase would be only on the ground floor.








Capital Expenditure to be incurred to establish the hospital


Sr. No


Amount in Rs.


Construction of Hospital & staff quarters of 12,000 sq.ft area.



Fixing sterilization equipment, air conditioner, generator, water system.




Equipping hospital beds, nursing rooms, doctor rooms, labor rooms, operation theatre, kitchen and dining hall.



Installation of medical electronic equipments for ICU, Radiology Unit, Pathology Unit, etc.



Other furniture, equipment, electrical fixtures, stores equipment, etc, administrative support equipment.



Ambulance and transport services.






Non-Capital Expenditure to run the hospital


Sr. No


Amount In Rs.


Medical Sanitation, hygiene & sterilization annually



Electricity charges



Water charges



Telephone charges



Medical Aid like blood, oxygen supply, X-Ray, Pathology expenses



Purchase of various equipments on recurring basis.



Salary of all staff members @ Rs. 175000.00 p.m.







It is expected that extending 10 free beds and charging not more than Rs. 500/- per hospitalized patient per day will enable the hospital to run self-sufficiently and independently.



Hospital Managing Committee

1) Shri K.K. Singhvi                                        Chairman

2) Dr. Lalit Chokhani                                      Vice-Chairman

3) Dr. Mukund Bhole                                      Member

4) Mr. Rajiv Kapur                                         Member

5) Mr. Ashok Tamhane                                   Member

6) Dr. Kiran Mhatre                                        Member

7) Dr. Shrikant Sarvagod                                Member

8) Mrs. Lata Pande                                         Member

9) Mrs. Ratna Banerjee                                   Member

10) Mr. Arrow Sinha Roy                               Member

11) Dr. A.M. Soman                                       Member

12) Mr. Balasaheb Chitale                               Member





How to Send Donations


Remittance Mechanism

Please send your donation to our account no 003901222131, ICICI Bank, Shivaji Nagar branch, Apte road, Pune – 411 004, India.


Remittance Instructions: EUR

Remit through Chase Manhattan Bank AG, 60284,Frankfurt am main, Germany (SWIFT-CHASDEFX) for A/c no.6231400646 of ICICI BANK LTD., Mumbai for A/c no. ICICI BANK, Pune for ultimate credit of SAMPARC  A/c no. 003901222131 under the SWIFT confirmation to ICICI Bank Pune.(SWIFT-ICICINBBXXX)


Remittance Instructions: USD

Remit through Chase Manhattan Bank NA, 4 Chase Metro Tech Centre, 8th floor, Brooklyn New York 11245 (SWIFT – CHASUS33, Fedwire 021000021 or CHIPS ABA 0002) for A/c no. 001-1-427374 UID Chip No.340828 of ICICI BANK LTD., Mumbai for A/c.no. ICICI  BANK, Pune for ultimate credit of SAMPARC A/c No 003901222131 under the SWIFT confirmation to ICICI Bank Pune (SWIFT- ICICINBBXXX).


Yes I would like to send my donation.


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How to become a General Member of Medical Committee


Any person donating more than Rs.One Lakhs or any organisation/institution donating more than Rs. 5 lakhs to meet the expenses of the hospital can become a General Member of the Medical Committee.

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